Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Anger Jam in Fuck You Minor (with harmonica solo)

If I ever have to engage in a blues jam in D again, then please kill me slowly. I didn't pick up this piece of wood and wire to strum tired ol' licks and bust out that I IV V progression for my own personal fucking entertainment!...!...!. Goddamnit! I love the blues. Albert King, Professor Longhair, Josh White... yadda yadda... but to turn up at a friends house that contains at least five guitars, two basses, plenty of percussion, an 8 track, a drum machine, a computer, mics... the lot.... and it's just cover after cover.... I'm not a starchild and I'm not fucking golden and no-one wants to hear another shitty version of 'Woodstock'... I don't want to play that shit.
We can all play. We have the equipment. Not to sound too high and mighty but let's create. Let's do something exciting. Maybe it's just me? It seems most people are happy going the whole cover/tribute act, wedding-song-quick-buck-repertoire...

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