Monday, 23 April 2012

come out to show dem

My head hurts. I have been swamped with study recently and have emerged from a three month or so depression with nothing but a blog and a muggy brain to show for it. I have been listening to The Beatles 'Good Night' today for the first time... I've owned 'The Beatles' for a long time now but never, ever listened to the penultimate song for some reason. Gosh, what a beauty it is... Unjustly maligned by everyone and their dog for being too saccharine? Too Ringo-y? I've been trying to write an essay to a looped soundtrack of 'Good Night' and it's not really working out too well... I'm on the internet writing this blog. Amongst the various travels through the inter-web I stumbled again upon the incredible (for a geekhead like me) video series 'What's In My Bag?' from Amoeba Records... I always return to it, re-watching the interviews again and again to remind myself of certain albums I need to check out and today I was pleasantly surprised by a recommendation from The Horrors (a band I'm not particularly fond of)... The lp in question is 'New Sounds in Electronic Music' featuring Steve Reich, Richard Maxfield and Pauline Oliveros... It's quite shocking to think it was released in 1966...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Acquitted soul

New shit! Night People Records have some killer new cassettes out NOW!! Mole House (essential Australian "alt" rock 'n' pop, Ryan Garbes (wonky-drug-mash-rock and Lab Coast (what I imagine top ten pop to be like when I get into heaven/top ten pop in a truly perfect world
Apart from the seemingly never ending stream of great music from Night People and Eggy I've been recently listening to a lot of Boredoms ('Super Roots 3' and 'Super Roots 7' being favourites) and rekindling a love affair with Butthole Surfers... Noisy rock and roll... ya just can't beat it.