Monday, 5 December 2011

Broken Water

I'm tired and over-worked but so happy because I've discovered an amazing band out of the blue! Those lovely folks at Night People Records have got a couple of compilation mixes up for download free on their website ( and one of them ('Cola Heavy Nights') is just pure revelation. I mentioned Wet Hair in the previous post reviewing Ryan Garbes LP 'Sweet Hassle' and for some reason after years of complete and total rejection of all music post 1994 I keep finding these incredible noisy bands I instantly fall in love with (PC Worship, Trailblazer, Peaking Lights etc.). Who would have thunk it. Anyway, this one comp. that I just mentioned has a song called 'Heal' by a band called Broken Water... and fuck me if it isn't one of the greatest pieces of noise rock grunge psychedelia I've ever heard. When it peaks and explodes it's just beautiful... it's been a while since I've heard a guitar squall like... Buy their music at:

When my pay day comes, theirs will as well.

Special mention to the compilation for giving me the PC Worship track 'Staring at the Sun' as a separate entity. I got the 'Millenial Kreephaus' download (for $2bucks) which is two sides of free-noise jazz punk with the aforementioned track buried inside it's flowing mix. Buy that as well, it's unlike anything you're likely to hear this year, next year or for the next few years.

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