Friday, 22 July 2011

Sloppy Heads

I love a good old racket. I also love the whimsical pop song. The Sloppy Heads perfectly combine these two traits into an original sound that also gives clues as to their influences. In the most uncontrived and effortlessly entertaining way they switch styles from track to track; a vaguely sounding 50's love song on one to huge twenty minute tape-collage jams on another.

Unsigned in New York. I couldn't recommend them enough. Here's a couple of tracks off their EP which you can purchase on 7" from

Photo Album of Baby

The Electric Momz

Saturday, 9 July 2011


I remember buying the album ‘Spiderland’ by the band Slint and before having a chance to listen to the CD having to go on a camping trip with an organisation called CISV. When I got back I put it in my over-sized, over-priced five disc multi-player and it immediately got jammed inside the machinery and I had to prise it out of the disc tray, resulting in it becoming scratched. For some reason, despite extensive damage, it played perfectly for nearly a decade.
I now need to invest in a new copy; it has been too long since I have heard ‘Nosferatu Man’ or ‘Don, Aman’ without interference, though I have been listening to the couple of tracks that still play without skipping over the past few days and have realised how much I truly rate the album. ‘Spiderland’ is without doubt one of the seminal album of the nineties and is in much needed rescuing and reappraisal in both current personal compact disc status and general critical standing status. 
Here is a live version of a track off their first album. It pretty much sums up Slint and is a better representation of them then the version that appeared on the debut ‘Tweez'.
Slint – Ron [Live]

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Smith Westerns

We're dancin' and we're havin' fun
I'm dancin' with my number one
And the night is goin' fast
I hope that it will last

Smith Westerns. No frills, just hooks and energy to spare with lyrics that have that Orbison-esque simplicity that I find so appealing.
I like these guys so much I almost bought tickets to see them supporting the fucking Vaccines. Needless to say I couldn't bare the thought of giving those third rate indie hacks a single penny, so I didn't go.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

1984. The year 'This Is Spinal Tap' was released. Ween and Simply Red form. I was born. Twenty seven years later I start this blog in honour of the art form I admire and aspire to the most; Rock 'n' Roll.
I'm hoping to include some or all of the following:
Reviews of releases and gigs. Musings on long forgotten gems and already much discussed classics. Self made mixes for you to download. Illegal uploads of copywritten material for you to download. Scans of amusing/interesting/obscure record sleeves for your viewing pleasure. General soap box opinion on everything. Everything.