Wednesday, 2 May 2012

oh! for sweet everything (yellow moon on that night)

Christ. Over the past three days I've immersed myself in as much music as is humanly possible with two small children, an overdue essay, work and "actual adult life bullshit" (aka. liaising with builders/plasterers/plumbers etc)...... A couple of tapes arrived in the mail... Ryan Garbes '1965' and Dylan Ettinger 'Pattern Recursion'... t'old Garbes' effort isn't a patch on last years' 'Sweet Hassle' lp on Hello Sunshine Records. In the release blurb it was stated that the tape is made up of offcuts and unreleased trax from the sessions for said Hello Sunshine release (muso-y lexicon speak) and you can tell... nothing really holds the attention and it all seeps past rather blandly. Who knows? It might be a grower but at the length it is (15-20mins) it seems a little throwaway. 'Pattern Recursion' on the other hand is simply sublime... "...produced using solely square wave forms...."....nodding off to a jittering sea of tones and throbs. I have also had the pleasure of recieving the download code for Broken Water's Kickstarter project 'Seaside and Sedmikrask'; two long, hypnagogic pieces that are as heavy as they are 'musical'. They described them as 'jams'... Magic mushrooms played a part in their creation (the lp cover I recieved is a weird close up of mushroom gills) and the unhinged energy that pervades a psilocybin trip seeps through every note of this release. Chiming, droning, weaving and faltering... and laughing. Without a doubt 'Seaside and Sedmikrask' is one of the albums of the year. I have also recently been rockin' back to Felt 'Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty', Radical Cemetery 'N.N.E' (wowzer), Fugazi 'The Argument', The Garbage and the Flowers 'Stoned Rehearsals', the Jim Carroll Band 'Catholic Boy', David McComb 'Love of Will' and Yo La Tengo 'The Sounds of the Sounds of Science'... amongst many, many others.... (Black Flag 'Nervous Breakdown' EP being another one to mention... Generally I can't really stand Black Flag but there's something about the five minute blast ((and it s a fucking BLAST)) of this EP that does something).... Gawd and Kwisst.... 'Love of Will' needs to be given a proper re-release, it is a truly underrated album. I downloaded it simply because I refuse to pay over £50 for a CD... I will be hard pressed to pay that for any record regardless of condition/issue/etc... The most I have every paid for an lp is £35 (including p&p) for Johnny Thunders 'Hurt Me'... Anyway, I am still awaiting the arrival of a Mole House cassette (Mole House cassette=guaranteed inspiration)... full reviews of some shit a-comin'... drunk and essay submitted (that's me!)...

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