Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hot stash needs cooling off

A big box of new records arrived yesterday and I have been listening to them today with the sunshine streaming through an open window and becoming more and more drunk and lost within life and this music. Thank God for last Novemember...

Sad Horse - Eggy Tape [Eggy Records] - Trashy and thrashy punk rock played with a twisted sense of melody.

Trailblazer - S/T [Eggy Records] - I've got another Trailblazer cassette off Night People Records and I think this one is the better... Alan Vega-esque yelps and screams over ominous synth and drum machine work outs. side A is 'Killer jams', side B is 'Killerer jams'...

Mole House - S/T [Alberts Basement] - [I had to edit this review] I received the cassette cued up to start on side 2, I played it and a beautiful, hissy mess of a pop song came out of the speakers... it ended and nothing else happened... I turned the machine off believing that Mole House had released a one track cassette of "lo-fi pop rock perfection" (quoting the original review)... I have since conversed with the band through the interweb and discovered that if I cued up side 1 then more pop nuggets would emerge from my stereo! Wow...Lo-fi pop rock perfection... Mole House can do no wrong in my opinion when they produce such off-the-wall tracks. 'The Cave', a couple of versions of 'Melanie' ('I Don't Dare Try' on the latest Night People compilation album) and a couple of instrumentals all dubbed over a copy of Peabo Bryson's 'All My Love' album. Utterly unique and inspiring stuff. Someone... please... give this lot a tiny bit of cash to record an album.

Mole House - Hey Come My Way 7" [Quemada Records] - Again, classic pop rock sounds filtered through a unique take on playing, production, writing... everything. Fuck I wish I could see them live.

The Garbage and the Flowers - Stoned Rehearsal [Quemada Records] -Again, off-kilter lo-fi pop hooks. As the title suggests; an informal run through six tracks with banter, fluffed notes, ramshackle singing... one of the best records I've heard in a very long time.

As is pretty obvious I have fallen head over heels in love with Eggy Records... they can do no wrong, from the music they release to their recommendations. And Australia! Wowzer... I never knew...

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