Saturday, 4 February 2012

Erik Gage.... Stinking, smoked out poet for this fucked up generation.

Rarely has a record struck me as being so full of personality as 'Stoner Romance' by Erik Gage. Recorded on a four-track in bedrooms and studios around New York, the wayward charm lies in the 'half-assed' vitality that pervades every inch of tape on this release. Funny, skewed, rockin', rappin'.... fuckin' high.

A wonderful cassette straight out of Eggy Records, run by Raf Spielman (The Polyps, The Golden Hours etc.), which has put out a couple of dozen cassettes over the past year or two; each of which is well worth checking out (not that I have any... I got Erik Gage's from his bandcamp page... although I did get The Polyps' 'Peixe/Fennel's Daughter' 7" which is another joy to behold)....

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