Friday, 13 January 2012

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As I've said before recently I can't get enough of all this strange, off-the-wall, original contemporary music that seems to have cropped up in front of me out of nowhere. I've mentioned the likes of The Polyps and Broken Water, but today I am going to focus on Starving Weirdos as they have a new LP out shortly.... Having politely declined an e-mail interview I thought I just put this link up to a thoroughly good interview and history of the band:

Now, to the more serious business.... their upcoming album 'Land Lines' which is up for pre-order on various reputable websites. Needless to say if you 've enjoyed their wild and varied output from the past then there is little to worry about, though with the core members staying the same the addition of female vocalists and an extra member or two has done nothing to diminish the power and originality of the group. If anything, 'In Our Way' the track they've put up as a taster, only shows a new side to their insanity. On a personal level I find it crazy that there's a band still out there that excites me with the thought of a new release and confounds my expectations with said release.

Anyway, buy their shit. 'The Path of Lightning' is one of the best albums of the past couple of decades and the 'B/P/M Series 1' LP is something very, very special.
Righto, I'm sure there arsehole is clean by now so let me bow out of this post with a link to another favourite at the moment; some noise pop in excelsis:

Enjoy! And play everything fucking loud!

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