Monday, 19 December 2011

My girlfriend hates my heroin (my record collection)

Over the past couple of weeks I have discovered a bunch of bands that have simply put my whole out look on music in a new light. As I've said before I never generally had much time for contemporary music, which  I'm going to lay a lot of the blame at the door of the NME, but the music I've discovered recently has just simply blown my mind.
Ryan Garbes and the Wet Hair group... drone rock supreme.
Tyvek.... Hardcore in excelsis
PC Worship... a big bag of free noise, grunge (as in real dirty, fuck ups) mixed with a pop sensibility
Broken Water... Guitar abuse like it should be.

I don't know, the list could go on. This year's been a happy year for me. I've got out of my pre-'94 rut and started enjoying new music again!! Anyway recommendations are heartily welcomed.

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