Thursday, 29 December 2011

Dip it after seventeen

Jazz. I used to hate it. Rock 'n' roll. I've always loved it.
Though rock 'n' roll in it's modern 'commodity' doesn't really sit well with me, there has always been something about a four four beat, guitar, bass and songs of love that has always done something for me. Buddy Holly.
On the other side of the coin, I love jazz. I love noise. I hear free-noise. PC Worship 'Godless Love' with it's acoustic timeless and timely strumming, electronic whistles and wails in the background could be nothing but free. I have another PC Worship tape that melds extreme noise to almost grunge-lite rock songs, always ending with an uneasy mix of violin or sax noise playing to close and open the side (they're cassettes I have... you remember them, kids!)...
I was trying to compare it to living in a suburban environment and having all these disparate influences baring down on you, influencing every sound you make... when it's probably just the bass player awaking late, too stoned to get up for his mid-morning alarm clock and someone with a saxophone turning up to band practice instead.

I was going to post this blog sooner but having seen this extra "review" scrawled in my own, drunken spidery hand (typos included) on the side of the previous writings I feel compelled to include them.... :

"This ain't no where near jazz this is noise. Pure simple noise punk with freedom many talk about but seldom act upon"

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