Thursday, 29 December 2011

I hate the Vaccines...

...but their old label Marshall Teller has a penchant for putting out some pretty cool, trashy, dreamy rock at the minute. I bought the Total Slacker LP 'Trashin'' and at first really rated it but am now a little underwhelmed by it's constant stoner humour and reference to the nineties. Even the songs themselves have become tiresome, it's that kind of new but familiar sound you get from a band that reference so blatantly to the past.
I bought, because of the inclusion of Total Slacker, the split 7" between them and Weird Dreams. The Total Slacker numbers seem just like off-cuts from the album, nothing too special but the flip side; Weird Dreams... hmmmm.... 'Summer Black' is popping along, keeping me bopping along when suddenly... Bam!!... 'Joan' starts to play... You know why they chose this to close their side. Maybe it's because it's new to me but this song 'Joan' is just such a perfect melding of pop-pathos, classic rock and total sonic meltdown.

My friend recently caught them supporting Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and his description was that they were "too dreamy" (a direct quote)...

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